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Comicbook Movie Images of the Week

So many photos this week in the comic book movie world, so we thought we would throw them all at you at once!


It’s simple. Not that many reveals. It’s just nice to know that the film is happening. The photo below is from the table read of Suicide Squad. For those that noticed Jared Letto is not in the image, don’t panic. He’s currently in concert with 30 Seconds to Mars and will be filming with the crew soon in Vancouver.

Suicide Squad Cast Photo

So this just happened. David Ayer has tweeted out a photo of Jared Leto clearly taking inspiration from the Killing Joke (featured above).

Jared Leto


I don’t know about the rest of you, but ‘m excited for the new Fantastic Four (sorry, Fant4stic) film. Recently in Novastream’s Marvellous Podcast  we argue about the effects of the film. Not to brag but I think I’ve got another bullet in my gun with these new photo’s.

The ThingThe Thing Entertainment Weekly

Bryan Singer also gave us a sneaky look at what looks to be Archangel in X-Men: Apocalypse. Looking pretty sick, but at this point i think continuity is out the window.

Archangel in cellArchangel

Plus we can’t forget this one. Reading about his ultimate demise is Deadpool.

Deadpool Toilet

Marvel Studios

With Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix coming out in a few hours we have our first look and their adaptation of the red suit. I like it so far but I can’t wait to see the whole thing in action.


This morning we also got our first live-action look at Yellow Jacket fighting Antman (if you can spot him!).


Last one I promise. We finally have a great look at the Vision which looks all kinds of awesome!


Give us your thoughts below or tweet myself or @Novastream. Also be sure to check our Marvellous and DC Domination Podcast’s to hear all of the members of Novastream.

Article by Daniel Clements

Twitter: @clemo_24

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