Mark of the Devil

Mark of the Devil is about a man named Karl who suffers from demonic possession – teamed up with a priest Tomas, they go on the hunt for demons. While the trailer looked interesting and drew me in quickly, the movie was quite uninteresting despite its short duration of 92 minutes.

The movie jumps straight into the story, with the beginning reminding me a lot of Constantine (2005), I was intrigued by how confronting the initial scene was and how it would develop beyond there. After 20 minutes it was quite obvious nothing else interesting would take place again in the following hour.

I unfortunately made the mistake of watching the dubbed version, the dubbed versions voice acting is beyond horrible. None of the voice actors show any real emotion at all, the dialogue rarely matches up to the mouth movement. It constantly feels like you are watching a day time television show that they have put horror music/colour over the top of it.

If you decide to check out the movie, go with the original Mexican version. Otherwise, give this a hard pass. There are way more better horror/possession movies out there than this.
If I could give this movie a -10 review I would. Learn from my mistakes. Don’t watch the English Dub of Mark of the Devil.

Mark of the Devil is now streaming on Netflix.

Review written by Sandra Porter

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