Netflix Review: Marvel’s Daredevil Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7 “Stick”

WARNING – Spoilers for Episodes 1-6


Coming into this episode we have finally had communication between our protagonist and antagonist. I call them phrases because it’s obvious from the show that the creators are blurring the lines between hero and villain. Both Murdock and Fisk are getting to a point where they are beginning to have influence in Hell’s kitchen and I can only imagine when their paths will cross again. Murdock and Claire have developed a close bond. Neither wants to progress further because they know of the danger Murdock gets into night-in, night-out. Foggy and Karen still have relationship blossoming but not yet fully defined.

Now let’s talk about this episode.

StickThe episode begins with our introduction to Stick and how his methods can be quite extreme. What we find out later is that Stick is largely responsible for who Murdock came to be. These are done through flashbacks like earlier in the series but haven’t been seen in quite some time. Early on there is some animosity between them as their philosophies is slightly different. In Karen Page’s storyline, she lets Foggy into her conspiracy theory with Ben Urich, the reporter.  This story is a slow progressing one which tended to take me out a little bit of the story. A show like this needs these moments and hopefully will pay off in the long run.

This was a really good episode, but there wasn’t too much plot development. Instead we learn a little more about Matt Murdock. We see from such a young age where he learned to become so driven and why he and Stick drifted apart. The fight scenes between the two are quite outstanding like many of the fight scenes over the series. This episode actually shows even from a child how quickly he could adapt into becoming the hero we know him to be.

Episode 8 “Shadows in the Glass”

WARNING – Spoilers for Episodes 1-7

After a little more back story and learning about stick most of the other characters are in the same position as when we left them in episode six.  Both Murdock and Fisk are getting to a point where they are beginning to have influence in Hell’s kitchen. Murdock and Claire have developed a close bond which they can’t continue with. Foggy and Karen still have relationship blossoming and are looking deeper into the conspiracy with Ben Urich.

FiskFrom the outset it is easy to see this is going to be a very Fisk central storyline. The way you see Fisk in that routine waking up to the white painting, cooking his dinner, choosing his suit and the same cuff-links. Then there is that disturbing visual as a child (his younger self) drenched in blood. This is repeated throughout the episode. The routine which he has become accustomed to. During the episode we see him in pain and when Vanessa comes into the picture. The audience wants her to help him.

Behind every powerful man there is a great woman. Something Netflix seems to know a bit about with another series of theirs, House of Cards. Before we can see Fisk rise we get to see where he came from. And like the episode before understanding Murdock being raised by Stick. Here we see his mother and father and the environment Fisk was raised in. We learn about his father and how Fisk doesn’t want to be the man his father was.

Murdock didn’t have a lot to do in this episode as did many other characters, just short glimpses. Now we understand both Fisk and Murdock motivations and what they are trying to achieve. With the constant back and forth of their actions, it seems Murdock will have a lot more trouble moving forward after this episode.

We also have more indications that seem to be leading to Murdock’s alter ego being called Daredevil. It seems he will be mentioned more as the Devil in Hell’s Kitchen rather than the Man in the Black Mask.

Overall it was a strong episode; the Fisk character is slowly becoming more dimensional after I thought he was a little one note earlier in the series. Hopefully from here on out the conspiracies really start to ramp things up. Maybe a case or two may help to break things up as well.

Article by Daniel Clements

Twitter: @clemo_24

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