Review – Abduction

Taylor Lautner fans will have this movie shooting up the box office with the first attempt to make Lautner an action hero. The results are quite disastrous, apart from pulling a few stock standard action moves Lautner does not have what it takes to convince us he is anything more than a talking ape who takes any opportunity he can to rip his shirt off and expose his bulging muscles any chance he can get.

The biggest disappointment is that the script and supporting cast are superb, the story is original and played by any other actor it would have been an extremely enjoyable film. Lautner plays Nathan Pearce a teenager who is going through an identity crisis, when given a school assignment with his neighbour Karen (Lilly Collins) who find his baby picture on a missing persons website. Nathan is then targeted by a team of special agents who want to capture him to get a data file from his real father.

The great thing about this movie is definitely the plot and support from Sigourney Weaver and Jason Issacs who provide the perfect supporting roles. Unfortunately it is not enough to disdain from the fact that Lautner’s acting skills are appalling just makes the entire movie a joke. I found myself laughing at the poorly shot sequences of Lautner doing a roundhouse kick, the obvious CGI at the back flips and the year 9 drama school stage show pool scene was stomach wrenching.

The bottom line is unless you are a Lautner fan you will hate this movie and regret spending any of your money or time on it.


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