Review : Feud : Bette & Joan Ep 1

When  I think of high quality TV in 2017, I am thinking FX is making a strong case for that prize. With shows like Legion blowing my mind and with impending seasons of American Horror Story & The Strain, Ryan Murphy’s new show Feud : Bette & Joan had me cautious at the start, but quickly won me over with its two leading ladies Susan Sarandon & Jessica Lange delivering outstanding performances with set pieces true to the period.

Based on the real life event that occurred in the 1960’s between Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon) while filming the iconic film What Happened To Baby Jane and their absolute hatred for each other that went down in history. The first episode cements each actresses position in the world. Crawford is happy to play the classic actress lifestyle whereas as Davis is desperate for work, taking a job as a support part in a Broadway show just to get work. It gives a great sense of where these women are at in their careers and the impending nature of their age and how Hollywood treated (plural?) women back then when younger and more promiscuous actresses came along (Marilyn Monroe as shown in the opening scene)

The story behind getting the two to agree to do the film is worth watching as well as their diva-like antics and the shock tactics used to one up each other. Episode 1 is a great explanation of how this all came to be and a great setup for the rest of the season

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