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The power house of Marvel combine with Netflix to bring a steamy new property to the MCU. Starring Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, a retired super hero turned private detective.If you are looking for comic book wit aka Iron Man and Avengers, you will find none of this here. Netflix and Marvel have successfully crafted a dark Christopher Nolan-esque vibe that showcases a dark and dangerous Hells Kitchen. 

From the opening credits to the steamy sex scenes between Jessica and Luke Cage (Mike Colter) are the boldest thing Marvel has ever done. Interestingly enough Jessica Jones is the first solo female property since Elektra, and while I don’t want to focus on this too much, this feels like the right move for a solo female property for the comic book giant. 
The cast is littered with outstanding talent with David Tennant as villainous Purple Man, Aussie Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker, Jess’s semi best friend and Carrie Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth, a steely lawyer who hires Jessica to assist her cases. All these characters weave in and out of Jessica’s life and all hint at a dark and mysterious past which will hopefully reveal itself as the series go on. 
The main story around the first episode is the establishment of Alias (Jessica’s detective agency) who is hired to find a missing college student. After a seemingly short search she is found to be under the control of Kilgrave aka The Purple Man, who has bound her to her a hotel room and is forbidden to leave. After Jessica rips her out of the room, we start to see the damaging effects of this villain and just how dangerous he is going to be. 
There isn’t much humour packed into the first episode which I expected from Ritter, however it is a pilot episode and it felt world building rather than engaging which suited the noire tone of this series. This is the perfect introduction to Jessica Jones and is a promising start for yet another top notch Netflix/Marvel series. 

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