Best Films of 2018 So Far

It’s official! We are now more than halfway through the year and we have seen some incredible films grace our screens from big budget blockbusters, to small indie darlings that have won our hearts. Without further ado here is our list of top film of 2018 so far.

10 – Annihilation.

The Netflix/Paramount film is the perfect successor to Ex Machina, showcasing breathtaking visuals, visionary storytelling and stellar performances. It was the perfect blockbuster night in!

9 – Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom.

Unsure if it could possibly repeat the success of the first Jurassic World, the film flourishes with new director Jay Bayona and some new cast with old favourite dinosaurs.

8 – Avengers : Infinity War.

What can we say? 10 years of MCU films, the ultimate team up blew everyone’s expectations away and created pop culture phenomenon with its villain Thanos.

7 – Ready Player One.

Steven Spielberg returns to big budget blockbusters with more nostalgia than Nintendo! Great motion capture performances and special effects cement this as a solid entry into 2018.

6 – Love Simon.

Nick Robinson made everyone fall in love with the goofy and aloof Simon, in this LGBT John Hughes inspired romantic coming of age film. This is a must watch (with tissues!)

5- Ideal Home.

Paul Rudd and Steve Coonan lead a hilarious romp into the world of gay families and outlandish antics. Definitely worth a watch.

4 – Hereditary.

This film has been compared to The Exorcist, truly terrifying and chilling, this film is one of this years best with electrifying performances and disturbing images.

3 – Occupation.

Taking the Aussie box office by storm, Luke Sparke delivers another solid film in his career. Definitely check this out!

2 – Black Panther.

After many delays and being bumped for a Spiderman reboot, Black Panther took the box office and naysayers by storm. This is Marvel at its absolute finest!

1 – A Quiet Place .

A crazy concept with great performances, chilling and truly terrifying premise make this the best film we have seen in 2018 (so far!)



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