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Hello and welcome to another week of what you should watch to expand your film horizons. Last week we focused on Tom Hardy and his performance in Warrior with the release of Mad Max: Fury Road. This week with the release of the Poltergeist, a remake based on the 1982 original, I thought choosing a film based off the remakes lead actor, Sam Rockwell, to be fitting. 

Sam Rockwell is regarded as one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood. He’s the actor that any mainstream viewer will say “oh, he’s THAT guy from THAT movie”. Whether they are talking about his psychotic nature as Wild Bill in The Green Mile or playing Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2. Everyone knows the face but forgets the name. 

Before anyone thinks that’s because he’s not talented enough, I would ask you to see the movie that proves he can hold a film on his own. One where like other films such as Gravity or Buried rely solely on one actor to carry the story. 

That movie is Moon.

Released in 2009, directed by Duncan Jones (director of the upcoming Warcraft Film), Moon tells the story of a man isolated on the dark side of the moon. Why is he on the moon? It’s because his sole job is to take care of the machines which harvest a resource which is able to create clean energy for the people back on earth. After coming to the end of his three year contract the unexpected happens and we see just how good Sam Rockwell really is.

If that still hasn’t sold you on the film, Kevin Spacey is the voice of his Artificial Intelligence helper bot. I know from that you have a picture of what this movie will be. Trust me, though. It’s not.


Article by Daniel Clements

Twitter: @clemo_24

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