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Disney are back at it attempting to generate another holiday hit, and while BH6 has not generated Frozen level success, the film is nothing short of a masterpiece. Dipping into their newly acquired Marvel licenses, Big Hero 6 is based on a comic book of the same name and follows Hiro (Ryan Potter) and his brother Tadashi (Daniel Henney) spend their days inventing advanced robotics in the futuristic town of San Fransokyo (an East meets West kinda vibe). Hiro invents some micro-bots that can do whatever he commands, and Tadashi invents Baymax (Scott Adsit) a robot doctor that can heal the sick.

This is the first Disney/Marvel crossover and really shows the best of both studios, the heart and warmth of Disney, mixed with the slick action of Marvel studios. The best news is that this is only the first film and shows a bright future for Disney animation if following in these footsteps.

Visually this film is breath-taking, I think this is the first animated film to really nail action sequences. Led by Don Hall (The Princess & The Frog) and Chris Williams (Bolt) the level of detail and crazy action sequences are rich and lush and the immersive 3D actually made the premium pricing worth the extra cash.


Baymax is the clear scene stealer of this film, his size, well timed one liners and heart shine through and are enhanced by Scott Adsit’s voice work for this character. The real story is of Hiro and Baymax and their clash and emerging friendship. There is so much emotion and loss in this film, that if I choked up, I can only imagine how kids must feel watching this.

That being said apart from the serious tones of the movie, the fun is definitely there, it is bright, colourful and splashy, offering a visual feast that has me begging for the next adventure in San Fransokyo with Baymax and Hiro.

**Please note this is not the sixth film in the series (as I had to explain to my housemate!) it is the first film, there is just six heroes in it as a team.

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