Ones To Watch Out For : The Ultimate Ultimate

Every now and again we get sent previews and indie films to look at and consider posting up, whilst we have received a few there are not a lot that resonate or spark enough interest to look at further. That was until we saw the trailer for The Ultimate Ultimate, a “Clerks” style comedy about a break up and trip away with the boys. 

It’s quick wit and twisted “scumbag sense of humour” had me in stitches and wanting to see more. The team behind this are stand up comedian and New Jersey native Joe Benarick and executive producer Frank Aguirre the team behind Days Of Lightning showcase a no-holds-barred look at women and the men that can’t live without them.

After getting dumped by the girlfriend he never deserved, delusional piker Joe and his estranged buddy Frank decide to take a trip to the neighboring town of Deer Beach—named for its annual deer orgy along the shore, according to Frank. But despite Frank’s best efforts to heal Joe’s broken heart in this execrable town inundated with surly front desk girls, slovenly maintenance men, and more than unbearable downtime, Joe can’t shake the thought of his ex. She was smokin’ hot, and it was so cute the way she’d get mad and stab him and all. Women are such a trip! 

The Ultimate Ultimate stars writer/director Joe Benarick and executive producer Frank Aguirre, Brandy Whitford (Beware), and talented newcomer Rob DiPiazza, and features a stellar soundtrack by AluKard, Back To The Futrell, and D. Lector!

Down With Film says The Ultimate Ultimate “…evokes the snappy dialogue ofClerks and the style and humour of the criminally underrated Trailer Park Boys…Genius.” and The Daily Rotation hails, “The jokes land with a dark energy that’s hilarious and almost downright offensive…I couldn’t stop laughing”. 
The Ultimate Ultimate hits film festivals this summer and we will post more news as it becomes available.

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