Peter Rabbit

It is rare that you will find a positive review of this movie, and like I did last year with the Emoji Movie, I feel the need to remind you that this movie is for kids, specifically families really this one is aiming for. So the Disneyfication of critics needs to be pushed aside to answer the only questions that really matter here. 1) Is the film suitable for kids and families? – Yes! 2) Will it provide a few winks and nods to the adults who are forced to supervise – Yes and YES!

I find it may be unnecessary to dive into and critique kids/family movies, other than to say this is based on a classic property that has been hugely updated for modern audiences, please note this is not a bad thing.

James Cordon voices Peter as provides the necessary energy and charisma required to pull this off successfully. The character is perfectly suited and the numerous nods and winks to the audience pays off tremendously.

The other animated animals are made up of big name celebrities like Sia, Daisey Ridley, Margot Robbie, Rose Byrne and Colin Moody. The human cast is made up of Sam Neil (Old Man McGregor) and the delightful Rose Byre (Bea) who plays her best role in years.

My only complaint with this movie was the music, while I understand the characters had to be updated, the music just didn’t suit it and it came off as a little off putting. The animation on the other hand is nothing short of spectacular, the film was actually made by animation studios in Australia and also filmed here so I think we can claim it. Seeing the locations you will recognise Centennial Park in Sydney and a few others and is a true joy to watch.

While the old world charm of the classic characters may be gone, Peter Rabbit successfully reinvents the characters for an all new generation to fall in love with Peter and the others from this timeless series. Leave your cynicism at the door, bring your kids and have a fun time.



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