Playing With Fire Review

Remember those direct to VHS movies in the 90’s (if you were a kid in that era like myself) that featured big name actors and comedic legends? You know the movie that your Mum puts on so you can all watch together as a family? If I can easily summarise this movie then this would be it. Now that sounds like I’m being negative, but I mean it in the highest form of compliment. If your family loved Instant Family, you will love this film.

The story revolves around Jake (John Cena) a firefighter/smoke jumper who along with his crew played by John Leguizamo and Keegan Michael Key are on the search for the biggest fires. Things take off when Jake drops into a cabin to find three children trapped inside. Jake takes them back to the firehouse where the spirited kids ranging from toddler to tween cause absolute chaos.

All of the comedy here is mostly visual gags with Home Alone style comedy, fart jokes and hose/soap antics. While is squarely aimed at kids, the constant shirtless scenes featuring John Cena and his angry nipples are definitely there for the adults to enjoy. Judy Greer plays the love interest and provides her comedic magic to this film, her chemistry with Cena is great and they bring a much needed spark to the film.

While the film may not be for everyone, it is most definitely a family orientated flick that everyone can see and enjoy together. In a crowded summer this is the perfect Sunday afternoon outing.

Playing With Fire is in cinemas now.

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