Review : Kong Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island, the much-anticipated remake of the classic King Kong, delivers on all the action, adventure and comedy you would expect from an epic tale such as this one. This time, Jordan Vogt-Roberts is giving it a crack adding his own unique style to an old story.

One of the biggest draw factors is the phenomenal cast. The list of names you will recognise is endless; Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman and John C. Reilly are the bigger ones. However, there is an abundance of fresh faces that are equally as charming as their A-list counterparts.

The unadulterated, epic and slightly comical fights between the unbelievably cool creatures of the island and Kong are the other draw factor. If you are looking for a complex and intricate plot line you will be disappointed. However, we’ll let that slide because where it lacks in story it makes up for in action. The sadist who loves a genuine action film will surely love this movie.

The nods to the original were dually noted and much appreciated to someone who loves the 1933 classic. Some of the better ones are the old Hollywood style zoom ups of Kong or a boat that is implied to be the actual boat from 1933.

It should be noted that the trailer for this film revealed far too much. It was nice going into the film having not seen any of them. Watching them in hindsight, they showed some of the funniest lines and best surprises. Consider this your warning.

Overall, Kong: Skull Island is a straight up bit of fun. If you are a fan of giant things fighting, fantastical creatures and a bit of maybe unintentional black comedy then you will love it.

Review by Jackie Jeanette

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