Review – Marvel’s Ultimate Avengers

Long before The Avengers came to life on the big screen they appeared in an animated feature film titled Ultimate Avengers. Traditional animation showcases some of our favourite heroes Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor as well as some new ones Wasp, Black Widow and Giant Man. Blending together some outstanding voice acting as well as animation (for the time) this first effort into the Avengers packs a punch and sets a great standard for Marvel animated films.

The film centres around Captain America and The Hulk mainly. Bruce Banner is scouring the globe, attempting to locate the frozen Captain America to replicate the super soldier serum to create a new army as an alien threat has entered the world and it needs defending. After being thawed out, Banner realises that decoding the serum will take a lot longer than required to defend the earth and instead assemble a group of heroes Iron Man, Thor, The Wasp, Giant Man, Black Widow and Capttain America to fight off the alien army and save the planet.

The great thing about this feature is that it doesn’t treat the audience like idiots. The plot is by no means simple and there are a few great twists and surprises that animated features (outside of DC) tend to deliver. This one is clearly not aimed at kids, even though they would probably enjoy it, a lot of the humour and jokes are more adult in nature and this keeps the film relevant for older viewers.

The plot itself feels very similar to The Avengers live action movie, but still has a few different story arcs that keep it separate. There wasn’t a lot of Thor in this movie which was disappointing as he seemed to have a cheeky attitude, but making room for Captain America and The Hulk to duke it out was completely worth it.

Voice acting is provided by Nolan North (Giant Man), Justin Gross (Captain America), Michael Massee (Bruce Banner) and Grey DeLisle (The Wasp) all who provide the Avengers with animated and relatable performances.

I had a lot of fun with this film and would highly recommend it to Avengers fans or just comic book lovers in general. The story is a little been there, heard that before, but the animation and hulk fight are definitely worth the watch.

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