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Five years ago, the world was gifted with one of the greatest gifts of all time, Pitch Perfect. The hilarity, the empowerment, the casting and the awkwardness created an empire of acapella goodness, which we have been laughing at and singing along with ever since. In the third and final instalment, Pitch Perfect 3 follows the infamous Barden Bellas for one last performance for the USO with a few special surprises along the way.

Whilst Pitch Perfect 3, is nothing new or innovative, it is more of the same thing that you loved about the first two. The whole cast is back minus Adam Devine and Ben Platt who have been arguably very busy the last few years, you know, pioneering a mega musical (shout out Dear Evan Hansen fans) and staring in movies with Zac Efron. But they aren’t the real reason that you watch these movies. Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Ester Dean, Hailee Steinfeld and Hana Mae Lee are the reasons you watch these movies and they are as fabulous as ever.

What the other two films have over this one is significantly better music with a broader range. Many of the songs featured in the film are throwbacks to the 90’s with the final song being an incredible rendition of George Michael’s Freedom. For the most part, there are no Chainsmokers to be heard in this film. With that said, the music was really enjoyable and demonstrated the amazing talent they have within this franchise. It took a second to realise what each song was.

Don’t fret though, Pitch Perfect 3 is the funniest one of them yet. It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and if you don’t get it, you won’t get it. But screenwriter Kay Cannon and director Trish Sie really found their groove in this instalment. Sie’s directing perfectly complemented Cannon’s witty, awkward, uncomfortable, over the top and hilarious writing. They exploit feelings of belonging, family and post-graduate failure pitch perfectly whilst simultaneously making you laugh with tears of joy.

It’s sad to see this beloved franchise go so we shall all sincerely hope and pray that this is only goodbye for now and not forever. However, if this is it, this was the perfect way to end and say goodbye to these beloved characters. Pitch Perfect 3 funny, light-hearted, nostalgic and endearing. See you Acca-later Pitches.

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