Review – Point Break (2015)

What a horrible way to start 2016 at the movies! I was crossing my fingers that this movie might be good, hoping that against the bland looking trailer that it would be a Fast & Furious style film that would reignite this into a new franchise. Unfortunately the formulaic approach with lacklustre performances and stock footage scenery sends this remake straight onto the “worst” list.

Look at me! I'm shirtless with no acting skills!

Look at me! I’m shirtless with no acting skills!

Point Break follows the story of Johnny Utah (Aussie actor Luke Bracey) who after seeing his friend die in a extreme motorbike accident, turns to the FBI as an undercover agent. When a group of extreme sports enthusiasts rob a jewellery factory and give away the diamonds on the streets in the slums of Mumbai, somehow America gets involved and Johnny befriends their leader Boadie (Edgar Ramirez), joining the gang in their hunt for the Ozaki 8. A series of extreme sports trials that have been set by some ancient guy who believed doing this will achieve nirvana and rekindle the connection with the planet.

I know what you are thinking by now, this sounds ridiculous and it is, it really is. The thinly laid out “plot” is so generic and unimaginative, my brain cried as it kept going on and on and on ( 2 hours to be exact!)

The scenery looks like stock footage, rather than a location shoot, and the way the scenes are shot and transitioned feel like a series of different events rather than a cohesive story.

I really don’t want to waste any more of my time or yours talking about how bad this excuse of a movie is, so do yourself a favour, don’t see it, tell your friends not to see it and we can chalk this one up to a studio money grab that can dwindle into nothingness and we can go and re-watch The Force Awakens and be done with it.


Review by Alaisdair Dewar

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