Back to the Feature: Silver Linings Playbook

Welcome to Novastream’s Back to the Feature! Where we suggest quality movies which you may never have seen based on the weekends release. One of those movies this week is Aloha directed by Cameron Crowe which stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams along with a whole list of names. So in honour of this movie, this week we have decided to suggest Silver Linings Playbook highlighting Bradley Cooper.

Silver Linings Playbook revolves around a man named Pat (played by Bradley Cooper) who is released from a state institution and works on getting his life back on track. While trying to stay positive as his wife enforces a restraining order against him and his own parents smothering him to spend time with them. He battles to try and keep a positive outlook on life. Pat then meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a mysterious girl with problems of her own. From there we get a truly great story between these two strange but likeable characters which is definitely worth your time.

So many times there are films when you try to explain to people the type of genre you would define it as. Silver Linings Playbook touches on some serious topics with mental illness and being different. At the same time though it approaches in such a fun loving way which can be endearing and sometimes funny. That’s why I always refer to this movie as a Dramedy.  

Know I don’t know about you all, but for some time I had trouble seeing Bradley Cooper as a “leading man”. I know, hard to imagine now right! I had seen him in films like Limitless, which was fine but nothing special. I had seen him in The Hangover, but that was more of an ensemble. This is the film that made me take notice of Cooper and how versatile this guy actually can be.

So that’s our Back to the Feature this week. Let us know your thoughts, and if you do watch it this week let us know what you think. Also, be sure to check out any other Movie of the Weeks that you might have missed right here.

Article by Daniel Clements

Twitter: @clemo_24 or @NovastreamAU


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