Star Wars Emojis Have Arrived!


With the release of the much anticipated teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force awakens has caused much excitement for both fans of the Star Wars franchise and filmgoers in general.


Starting from today, Twitter will allow users to express their love and excitement about the new film and their favourite pop culture sensation. The social media platform was able to partner with both Disney and Lucasfilm to create custom emojis of much loved Star Wars Characters.


At today’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California, these emojis were released for fans to continue this excitement for this upcoming cultural event. These emojis included iconic legendary characters and a few newer characters from the new film.


The characters include C3PO, StormTroopers and BB8. It is quite simple to tweet these Star Wars Emojis, users just post hashtag that represent a keyword that is associated with a specific Star Wars characters and legacy themes. This would create a small- like icon automatically appears at the end of the text tag once the tweet is posted.


Even I had the fun this morning using the hashtags and using the emojis in my enthusiasm and excitement from the release of the second trailer!


Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 12.02.40 pm

Be sure to follow the Star Wars official twitter account @StarWars to get updates on the film and emoji news!





Article by Emilia Aslan


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