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What if you could go back and change the biggest moments in your life that you regret? How would that change you? How would that change the world around you? The biggest question though is would you do it?

This is the basic premise for the next installment in the DC Cinematic Universe The Flash. Barry Allen / The Flash (Ezra Miller) is at a bit of a stalemate in his life. Feeling like somewhat as a janitor for The Justice League he is left to clean up some of the mess from the others while trying to make his day-to-day life have some vague hope of moving forward. After a moment where his emotions get the better of him Flash runs so fast he enters the speed force and finds he can move through time.

After consulting with his friend and mentor Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), Flash decides, against Bruce’s advice, he can go back, change one small thing and save his mother. It is because of this one moment everyone’s life and the entire fabric of existence is about to change.

The Flash centers around the theory of the Multiverse and has one of the best descriptions I have ever heard or seen on how to describe just how the Multiverse exists. Thankfully from the opening moments you are thrown straight into the world of The Flash and you know you’re in for a ride.

The Flash has always been one of those fringe characters for me. As a DC fan it has always been more about the darker side of the DC world, something The Flash’s childlike goofiness doesn’t lend itself easily too. Yet now we get to see a deeper side to the character, one of loss and loneliness. The Barry Allen persona is trying to find his place in the world. He doesn’t fit in at work, he has a certain peculiarity about how he goes about things, not to mention the weight he carries on his shoulders after the death of his mother and wrongful incarceration of his father. A weight that has been the driving force for him to pursue the work and lifestyle that got him to where he is.

Now I am not a fan of Ezra Miller. Not a fan of his previous work and definitely not a fan of the personal issues he has been facing in recent memory. I didn’t like his last outing as the Flash and was all on board for the studio to re-cast for this movie. I say this to add weight to my next comment. Ezra Miller portrayed Flash in a way that made me feel for the character, for what he was going through and had me engaged from start to finish. Even the zanier over the top moments that should have brought the movie down further didn’t matter as the character as a whole was so well portrayed in each and every moment.

And yet the fan boy in me cannot be silenced. By now I would assume you’ve seen the promotional material and you know Batman plays a huge part in The Flash, after all he has always been somewhat of a mentor. From the moment Batfleck is on screen to the first time we see Michael Keating step back into the role he owns every moment of screen time he gets. Keating is my favourite Batman and to see him almost effortlessly bring the cool, suave and downright bad arsery back to role, let’s just say my nostalgia and anything I could have asked for of him as Batman were completely fulfilled.

I do need to talk about some of the visual effects though as at times they were very poor. Especially in moments within the speed-force but the lack of quality is also noticeable during big set pieces where Flash is doing his thing but everything around him looks early 2000’s at best. They are in need of a major polish as when up against other superhero movies of the last decade they just simply don’t hold up.

Thankfully there is enough to love about The Flash that the special effects can be given a small pass and with easter eggs a plenty you will be forgiven if you scream out loud while watching. The story is well layered and continues to unfold right up until the credits roll. While the future doesn’t look too bright for Miller at the moment I am happy to see just what he could do with the character and the extra heart and soul he put into someone usually seen as a sidekick.

This may be the last in a run of DC movies but it is thankfully one of the best. Do yourself a favour, go and see it on the big screen, immerse yourself in fellow fans and enjoy it for the fun it is.   

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