The Last Thing He Wanted

The Last Thing He Wanted follows a D.C. Journalist played by Anne Hathaway as she follows an old lead of her Father’s (Willem Dafoe) to continue on her weapons investigation article. Quickly she loses all control of what is happening around her, and nonstop mind-numbing nonsense ensues.

This is quite easily one of the most pretentious, nonsensical, and bland films I have watched in quite a long time. With a duration of 2 hours, I honestly have no idea what was even going on in this movie, what the movie was really about, or how it all connected. The movie tries to continually do a job of acting ‘smart’ and shocking the audience that they put no effort into creating a decent narrative.

The plot holes throughout this movie is astounding considering it’s only a 2 hour movie, and there is narration by Elena (Anne Hathaway) throughout the entirety of the film. If the character is telling me what is happening, how am I still so confused about it all? It beats me!

While this movie has an amazing cast – and Anne Hathaway still tries her hardest to save this flaming trash of a movie. The rest of the cast snoozes their way through their scenes (which are incredibly short anyway), with an uninterested cast – you are going to make an uninterested audience.

Definitely pass on this movie, no part of it is worth watching.
If you don’t believe me, you can always find out for yourself as it streams now on Netflix.

Review written by Sandra Porter.

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