Sydney Film Festival – Vincent

There is something about a French movie that just captures whatever it is the director is after so perfectly. And that’s exactly what they have done in Vincent.

Vincent is film about the never expecting average Joe who discovers purely by accident that he has super human powers when he is wet. But like any super hero movie, no one understands his powers but for the ones he loves.

It takes us through a journey of the waterways, ponds, drains and rains of the French countryside to fuel his super power. It is a beautifully visual film with minimal dialogue. Which is helpful because it’s a foreign film and for those that don’t understand French, you don’t want so many subtitles you can’t actually see what’s happening.


Director Thomas Salvador also takes the lead in this romantic comedy as Vincent. He plays this wonderfully awkward almost nerdy guy who really is struggling through life. And it’s that awkward nerdiness that makes you smile when he realises his powers.

The beauty of Salvador is he nails that awkward part perfectly. When he is standing on his own having a drink watching a band, you almost cringe he looks so out of place. When he goes in for his first kiss with the beautiful Lucie played by Vimala Pons, the scene speaks for itself. There is no dialogue just body language and facial expressions that can tell a thousand stories. It was so awkward and loveable you can’t help but laugh and pat him on the back.

These two wonderful actors really capture the beauty of the human body, using it to tell the story. Every look, every flick of the hair and faint smiles each taking us through the journey.


While there are only the two main characters and his friend you can’t help but feel the scenery and landscape is another character that brings these two almost bohemian lovers together through the French cottages, rolling hills, beautiful waterways and quaint European streets. If you didn’t need a European holiday now, you will after watching this.


But it isn’t just about love, there is a wonderful dry humour running throughout the whole film. When he is chased through the streets jumping over cars an up bridges, you can’t help but laugh and wonder what he will think of doing next. And because Vincent is so nerdy, quiet and reserved, it’s nothing like any other super hero movie where he feels compelled to save the world. He just keeps it quiet and uses it to make renovating a little easier by pushing a wall down rather than using a sledgehammer.


Overall this wonderfully fun film will make you smile and want a holiday to countryside France. It captures love at it’s most fun and shows not everyone is ready for greatness nor wants to use it. But most of all, it shows that if you get super human powers when you are in water, you may as well swim across to another country.


Review by Jay Cook

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