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Review – Arrow – S04 E15 – Taken

So, after the King Shark episode on The Flash, when’s Diggle going to get a new helmet?

Arrow episode 15, Taken, creeps toward an emotional catastrophe with Felicity trying to walk. The physio was to no success and, unwillingly, she admitted her hopes to walk down the aisle with Ollie while Darhk was present. Darhk reveals he has kidnapped Oliver’s son which sends the team into a race against time to save him. It’s only with the use of their own magical friend, Vixen, that the team can save the day.

15. Felicity physioBut what about Constantine? Although not present on any series currently, it’s clear that the dabbler of the dark arts is having his own adventures… in hell. If there ever was a decent excuse not to show up, that might be it.

So, team Arrow gets Vixen. Hell yeah! I do love her inclusion outside of her animated universe, and I love that it is the even the same actress pulled across from the online shorts. Her character is strong, witty, and very wise in her advice to Oliver about his son. The need for her character at a base level makes sense: they need magic to fight magic as opposed to being dominated with only arrows. Like Felicity said: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And the transition from animation to live action was almost seamless. Her suit was amazing, her hair could have grown in the time we haven’t seen her, but her totem necklace was clunky.

However, Darhk and her magic seem very different. Like the Flash’s time travel business, I doubt there is a logical answer as to why Vixen’s magic can trump Darhks, but only sometimes. It would have been nice if the writers touched on that.

The writers did cover the source of Darhk’s powers with an explanation that even had to be dumbed down for Felicity. Although brief, this explanation made sense. It is, however, a poor writing choice to have an answer almost come out of the blue. The team didn’t have to solve anything, Vixen just rocked up and put two and two together. The solution to a major problem was there all along but never touched on or hinted upon in previous episodes. Last magical item I remember with Darhk was a bowl in the cupboard he dripped blood into.not a funky looking head.

15. Carnary Speedy bike

With Nyssa gone, the most aesthetic fights fall once again on Speedy. Along with the Black Canary, the pair were a part of the best combat scene this episode gave. The
coolest moment would be when Canary and Speedy are riding a motorcycle toward Darhk’s house. With two motorcycles on their tail, Speedy leans all the way back over the rear wheel and shoots the pair down. Immensely unnecessary, but immensely gratifying.

The emotional catastrophe rears its head at the episode’s end. The day is saved, but Oliver choses to separate himself from William. Stephen Amell, the destroyer of feels, delivered an amazing monologue that showed just how crushed Ollie was. It also allowed the Arrow to highlight the different fathers of the show and celebrate them. Except for Merlyn. Don’t be like Merlyn.

The transition of Vixen from animation to live action was executed brilliantly, adding to the strong cast of women Arrow has. Speaking of, with Darhk now powerless, will Ruve Adams stand up and lead the charge against Star City? And where the hell is H.I.V.E.?

Quote of the Episode:   (sniffs Flash toy to find William)

Don’t you dare tell Barry about this. (Vixen)

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