Review – Jessica Jones – “AKA It’s Called Whiskey”

Things are getting hot and heavy! In the last episode Jessica Jones and Luke Cage got into a bar brawl where they witnessed each other’s abilities. Luke Cage broke into Jessica’s apartment and revealed the extent of his unbreakable skin. This scene extends into the next episode when Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have an intense sexual encounter. What was fun about this episode is we were able to learn about their powers in opposition to each other. Jessica showing her strength is able to withhold Luke’s hand. After a brief interruption from Ruben, the two of them go out on a small date where we get to know a little bit more about them. I liked how straight to the point the dialog was. As Luke says, he’s never met anyone else who has powers like they do. Both characters are curious. Even the explanation of how they got their powers is straight to the point, “accident” and “experiment” is all they give up, and both are fine with the explanation. After their date they go to Luke’s place for round 2 of intimacy which is vastly different to episode one. Once again however, this ends with Jessica abruptly leaving after seeing the image of Luke’s dead wife.

After hearing about all the negative media attention Hope is getting, Jessica goes to Hogarth in order to get her out on the front foot. Hogarth orchestrates an interview from the prison between Hope and Trish to try and gain public sympathy. However, Trish makes a mistake going after Kilgrave and demeaning him. Kilgrave threatens Trish on air and suddenly becomes as paranoid as Jessica normally is. Trish and Jessica decide Trish should hold up in her heavily fortified apartment. This way Trish could be safe and Jessica could go get the drugs which she discovered is Kilgrave’s weakness in the last episode. This was a great sequence in her trying to get the drugs. When she uses Malcolm to get what she wanted it gave us more insight into the character. Yes, it was harsh, but you can tell it was painful for her to do, but Kilgrave is the goal.

We then go back to Trish at her apartment where Officer Simpson is threatening to arrest Trish for striking a fan after her insult to Kilgrave. Trish yet again makes a stupid decision and allows him inside and we find out he is being controlled by Killgrave. This is when my sympathy for Trish waned as she keeps making bad decisions. However Jessica manages to save Trish and use her smarts to follow Simpson back to Kilgrave. This is another example of Jessica using her smarts to get ahead rather than letting things fall into her lap.

We also manage to get our first proper glimpse at David Tennant as Kilgrave. A flashback occurs and we get a look at the fateful night when Jessica kills Eva Conners (wife of Luke Cage) and Jessica breaks away from Kilgrave’s hold on her.

Overall this was such a strong episode to an already strong show. The story wasn’t as fast paced as the first two but it gave us good revelations into Jessica and of some of the other characters.

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