Review – Jessica Jones – AKA You’re a Winner!

The episode starts off with our first good look at Kilgrave as he uses his powers to win a poker game. David Tennant really sells it and has fun with the role. When he tells the women to say the men “have balls” it injects the show with a bit of humour in otherwise a very mature show. What the writers do in this episode however is surprise throughout with Kilgrave and how he doesn’t force a man to sell his home. Now he could utter it and have it done, but Kilgrave has a long term plan and doesn’t risk the home owner to want his house back. This makes Kilgrave do it (almost) all ‘legally’. BY doing this it just gives Kilgrave a little more dimension and intrigue.

This is an episode goes which goes on a little bit of a detour in terms of Jessica going after Kilgrave. This was a nice surprise. This is something that Daredevil did particularly well. It gives us time to learn a little bit more. Luke Cage comes to Jessica door, not just to ask for help, but to hire her to find someone. In their first scene together what I really liked is how Luke Cage would distinguish the difference between a favour and job. It shows he doesn’t want to hang anything over Jessica’s head, which is comforting in Jessica’s line of work when everyone is trying to get a one up on each other.

A really controversial topic came up in this episode. Two really when you think about it. We find out that Hope is pregnant with Kilgrave’s child. It was something that wasn’t ever said but hear that Hope was raped and that she wants to abort the child is something that is extremely tough for a show to tackle. While it was jarring I feel like they handled a topic like that as well as they could to toe that line.

The real gut wrenching moment however was when Jessica had to finally reveal her secret to Luke Cage. The fact that she was the one who killed His wife is an interesting departure from the comic. This isn’t something I have a problem with. It does make me wonder however, how Luke Cage can ever get over the fact that this woman, killed his wife with her bare hands. It will be something the writers are going to have to try really hard to make me believe.

Overall it was a fun episode to see more Kilgrave and a bit more of our hero’s powers. It raises some questions which I cannot wait to be answered.

Review by Daniel Clements

Twitter: @clemo_24

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