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I am not going to sugar coat it, I am an Amy Schumer fan (by the way, we REALLY need to think of a name for ourselves!) So it was with a massive amount of anticipation that I was waiting for Trainwreck, Schumer’s first feature film that she wrote, and directed by Judd Apatow. the film is set in the comedy styling of Bridesmaids while bringing the heart and emotion of This Is 40. It has an intelligent, powerful and well played out story, while bringing consistent laughs and genuine emotion that combines outrageous laughing one minute and tear invoking emotion the next.

Amy stars as Amy (?) a journalist working at S’Nuff, a men’s magazine ran by editor in chief Dianna (Tild Swinton) who is writing a story about sports doctor Aaron (Bill Hader) who is producing some ground breaking work on knee reconstruction surgery for sports players. Amy’s character is sexually promiscuous, treating men like disposable objects, while Aaron is a settled doctor who hasn’t had a relationship for six years. His best friend is Le Bron James who plays a hilariously needy version of himself.


While the majority of the film does focus on these main players, there is also Amy’s sister Kim (Brie Larson) and her father Godron (Colin Quinn). Amy and Kim are close and complete opposites, Kim is married with a step-child and one of her own on the way. She is settled and has her head screwed on properly. Their Dad has advanced multiple sclerosis and has just been admitted to an assisted living home. He is surly and offensive to everyone that talks to him, and provides some beautiful scenes between him and Amy.

The film shines with Amy’s trademark sense of humour, mixed with Apatow’s ability to produce genuine emotion and brings a depth to these seemingly stereo typical characters. I was concerned about the 120 minute run time, as some of Apatow’s previous work feel over-blown, fortunately in this one there is enough content to keep it moving along at an evened pace.

Other cast nods go to John Cena who plays a cross fit loving love interest with one of the most graphic sex scenes I have seen in a long time. Ezra Miller plays an intern with a dark side and Daniel Radcliffe who plays a dog walker in a movie that the cast watch called The Dog Walker. They all contribute hilarious and engaging scenes that show that Schumer knows how to write content to make everyone equally funny as the main character.


Overall this film is one of the best comedies I have seen in a long time, even taking Amy Schumer out of it, the supporting cast, the setting of New York and empowering message of family and love shine through. The blend of comedy and emotion is balanced perfectly and Apatow’s ability to craft a film of this genre is at its best in Trainwreck. This is the film that Schumer fans have been waiting for, she is brilliant, funny and solidifies her status as comedic and feminist legend.

Trainwreck is showing in cinemas now

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