The Secret : Dare to Dream Review

The Secret: Dare to Dream is an unbelievably charming movie with an incredible cast.

The handsome Josh Lucas is Bray Johnson, the constant positive and welcoming change into Miranda Wells (played by Katie Holmes), and her children lives during the most unexpected and desperately needed time.

It should come at no surprise at how charming and loveable the story is when you consider the past movies director Andy Tennant has previously worked on such as Sweet Home Alabama, Hitch, Fool’s Gold, and EverAfter just to name a few.

Dare to Dream is loosely based around the idea of positive thinking that was presented in the self-help book by the same name as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. While I haven’t read the book, they have done a brilliant job in adapting the idea of positive thinking into a believable and charismatic character, that is in a charming and well developed storyline.

The cinematography and the use of visuals and scenery is gorgeous, and adds to the moment and emotion of the story.

If you love movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels, and the directors previous movies.

I cannot recommend this one enough. It was a gorgeous story, with gorgeous and realistic emotions.

Review written by Sandra Porter

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