Trailer – Antman

As promised by Marvel Studios, the trailer for the final Marvel Phase 2 film Ant-Man was just released into the internet.

The trailer at just under 2 minutes in length features a narration about second chances from a re-imagined take on scientist Hank Pym played by Michael Douglas as a grizzled mentor to thief Scott Lang played by Paul Rudd. It’s almost akin to the speech given to Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek. This is mixed in with shots we’ve seen from the previous teaser as well as new footage.

We also see better glimpses to the supporting cast including what is assumed to be Cassandra Lang as well as Hope Van Dyne, daughter to Hank Pym played by Evangeline Lilly(Lost) and antagonist Darren Cross as Yellowjacket portrayed by Corey Stoll(The Strain).

Overall, seeing that this IS Marvel Studios, we are in no doubt ready for another action film as indicated by the tone with a lot of fun comedy especially with Rudd’s interjection, pointing out how ridiculous of a name Ant-Man is. Given the track record of Marvel with costumes and effects, Ant-Man will look Marvelous!

See you all in the theatres and here’s hoping Paul Rudd can play a superhero!

Ant-Man will be released in Australian theatres in 2015.

Review by Thanura Ravindra

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