TV Review – Cougar Town Season 6

Episode 1 – American Dream Plan B

The gang gather (minus Bobby Cobb) for the sixth and final season of Cougar Town. For a show that Channel 7 ┬áboss David Leckie called “shit”, the show has blossomed into one of the top comedies on both ABC and TBS. In the final season Lorie and Trav are pregnant, Bobby has gone away (to ABC’s Agents Of Shield) and Tom seems to be the Bobby replacement.

It hit me when it started just how consistently funny this show is, and just how much Busy Phillips owns this role. Cable television has such great drama’s and action shows, but tends to lack stable and entertaining comedies (feel free to correct me if you think I am wrong)


Saying farewell to Cougar Town feels bittersweet and this first episode is the first of thirteen farewells to the loving and hilarious comedy created by Courtney Cox, David Arquette and Bill Lawrence. A couple of episode highlights are the Father-In-Law/Son Matrix replication scene between Grayson and Travis. Laurie having socks full of pennies to throw at those who piss her off during her pregnancy is also hilarious as she throws down western style as the rest of the gang make a secret bar and dress up 20’s style.

The absence of Bobby did make it feel a little empty, but Tom made up for it with his stupid comments and banter with Ellie kept the laughs coming hard and fast. Courtney Cox is still charming as Jules and her chemistry with Josh Hopkins keeps the show shining.


Overall it was a great season debut and setup for the final season of this well written and cleverly timed sitcom. Make sure to check back every week for an update on how this season is travelling and what happens in the end.

Episode 2 –

Bobby is BACK!! The long awaited return (yes it was only one episode but it felt like FOREVER!) with Andy hilariously counting down the minutes until his bestie returns was sweet and heart-warming to watch. Chick (Ken Jenkins) returns as Jule’s father looking extremely old and sick in the final season. Jules is over protective as always and when Chick wants to attend his civil war re-enacment, she enlists as a soldier to make sure he is safe. All hell breaks loose when Laurie and Travis track them down and Laurie’s water breaks in the middle of the field with no car in sight (to keep it authentic!)

If you are following Cougar Town or pop culture in general, you will already know that Bobby’s episodes are limited for this season due to his scheduled shooting in Marvel Agent’s Of Shield and other commitments, so there is plenty of screen time given to this loveable bafoon who will soon no longer grace our screens.

The Jules/Grayson side story felt a little forced and background compared to the other event’s surrounding it, but the finale and birth was definitely a highlight of the entire show so far. Make sure you are watching the final season of one of television’s most under-rated and hilarious comedies!

Review by Alaisdair Dewar


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