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What to Watch During Lockdown

Oh Melbourne, here we are again! Stuck in lockdown #4. If we didn’t all burn through Binge, Netflix, Stan and Prime Video last year, well the good news is while we have been out living our best lives every weekend since we were released, a ton of great stuff has been released online so our 7 day snap will fly by.

5. Girls5eva (Stan)

From the brains of Tina Fey, Robert Carlock and Meredith Scardino (30 Rock, Good News, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) is a hilarious look at the girl group craze of the 90’s and reunion woes. It is a tightly packed 8 episodes and one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Definitely check it out and make sure you find the playlist on Spotify when you are done.

4. Jupiter’s Legacy (Netflix)

Fans of the comic series will appreciate the big budget treatment that Netflix have given this beloved series. While there is a lot of drama, there is a lot heart, humour and things to love about this adaption. The Union of Justice have never looked so good!

3.Friends Reunion (Binge)

The one where we all cried for 90 minutes. . . finally our 6 favourite Friends we grew up with are all back on the couch with James Cordon to relive their favourite moments of the series and tell us all the inside goss. Have a box of tissues handy as the revelations about the actors and their experiences will surprise and entertain you. There are some incredible guest appearances here, and while it doesn’t feel long enough, it was worth the wait to see our favourites all back together again.

2.Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder returns to movies with an original IP for Netflix. The movie does run for a long 2.5 hours so you can easily break this up into two sittings or grab a bottle of wine or whisky and enjoy this visual feast with some great actors that will definitely keep you entertained. It is one of highest watched movies on the streaming service and with a prequel, sequel and animated series on the way, we are getting a lot more of this world to come.

  1. Invincible

Amazon deliver their best series yet in Inviincible, another comic book adaptation that takes the R rated route. While it doesn’t have the foul mouthed antics of Deadpool or humour, it does have a lot of violence, bood and surprises that deliver a finale that rivals anything put out by any other superhero property ever. Big call, but this show will make you fall in love with the superhero genre again.

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