Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “Love In The Time Of Hydra”-TV Review

In this episode, we see a few significant changes in the direction of the story arcs present as well as the re-introduction of a character not seen for a while aka Grant Ward and Agent 33. Elsewhere we see the further actions undertaken in Skye’s storyline whereby she takes time out to control her Inhuman abilities. There is also a nice expansion on who the “Real S.H.I.E.L.D.” is and what they really are and how they would play into future events.AOS2

The Bonnie and Clyde dynamic between Ward and Agent 33 was fun to watch. The scenes that transpired in the military compound showed off their respective skills as spies. It was also great to see Brett Dalton settle back into the charming, lying sociopath he is as well as seeing Ming-Na-Wen expand herself as a villainous character one last time. It did take a funny turn when Talbot(Adrian Pasdar) attempted to find who the impostor was.

AOS4It was rather cute seeing the interactions between both Skye and Coulson in the episode, reinforcing the friendship they’ve developed over the series. I really do agree with Coulson’s idea of perhaps making Skye into an asset especially giving that personal analogy of how the famous Lola came to be. It’ll definitely be something to watch when Skye becomes her own hero.

With regards to Bobbi and Mac’s arc lately, we’ve finally gotten a chance to see what’s the deal with the “Real S.H.I.E.L.D.”. It appears that this is an organization that never agreed with both Nick Fury’s and Phil Coulson’s method of doing things. They are setting themselves up as the next big antagonist for our crew with all their high tech gear and vast array of vehicles showing how unmatched our crew is. Weirdly enough, their justifications for existing are very much agreeable especially when they recount the sad events leading to Agent Triplett’s death. Maybe Skye is the key to even things out?


Audiences will also find themselves wondering how this will all culminate as Hunter makes his big escape and Bobbi infiltrates her way back in.

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