Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: “SOS Part 1 & 2″-TV Review

ShieldSOS-600x400Here we are people! The double episode season finale is upon us! Overall it’s both parts equally satisfying and nerve wracking as well as suspenseful. “SOS” is the ultimate culmination of the current Inhumans arc. From the previous episode “Scars” we learn that Jiaying is far from a good person. Having just killed off Gonzalez in the previous episode and shooting herself framing S.H.I.E.L.D., the Inhumans are ready to declare war on them and by extension, the rest of humanity. In response, Coulson gathers what’s left of his team and goes off to save the day. Meanwhile, we find out what happens to Bobbi Morse after her capture by Agent 33 and Grant Ward with a mission planned out to save her orchestrated by Hunter and May.

One of the major highlights we see in this episode is that Skye’s character really shines through here. She is confronted with the notion that her mother may not be all that she seems and steps up in a heroic fashion and saves the day. Like I’ve said in a previous review, she’s changed. She’s come a long way since being a simple hacker. Her arc with the Inhumams has left it on a note that is both satisfying and excited to know what comes next. In the comics, there was a team called the “Secret Warriors” where they are an anonymous group of superhumans sanctioned by S.H.I.E.L.D.. Daisy Johnson aka Skye was a part of that group. If they bring them in, it would be a fantastic way to further grow Skye’s character.

Playing off Chloe Bennet’s character brilliantly was none other than Skye’s father Cal. Throughout the episodes stemming from the previous week’s to now, his constant shifting of alliances wasSHIELD-SOS-E always entertaining to watch. This episode was no different. We finally got to see “the monster” within him and become the comic character Mister Hyde. The climax of the episode involving Skye, Cal and Jiaying was rather redeeming for the character and his final scene was a nice send-off to the character. I’m content with Skye moving forward now and embracing her destiny.

The action in this episode was worthy enough for a Season Finale. The scenes where the Inhumans raid the S.H.I.E.L.D. vessel showcased some brilliant scenes. I praise Henry Simmons’ performance at portraying a character who’s facing off against the odds in all of the fight scenes he’s faced. When Coulson and Fitz show up, the team dynamics were rather entertaining as they attempt to take down Gordon. Just like in the older episodes, it’s always great to see Fitz whip out a fancy gadget just in time to save the day. It was also funny how the writers tried to fool the audiences with some of the interesting moments within that scene. Once again, Skye’s evolution into a fully fledged S.H.I.E.L.D. asset was showcased. Her fight scenes where she uses a combination of martial arts and her powers were great to watch, especially when she tries to take on the Inhumans.

ustv-agents-of-sheild-s02e21-02Speaking of action, on another front, a rescue mission for Bobbi took place with Hunter and May taking lead. Their scenes were rather tense to watch as audiences would find themselves suspended within the action as you fear for their lives. The constant back and forth shots of Bobbi tied to the chair with a booby trap that could go off and Hunter looking through every door really brought home that feeling. Now that Marvel has finally started killing off characters as seen in Age of Ultron, one could assume that the same could transpire here. As for where they go from here in future seasons, I can expect some form of catharsis for the relationship between the characters.

However for Grant Ward, the events he faced sends him into a much darker path than whatever we have seen before. Usually he’d play the villain who isn’t that bad but still dangerous but now that he’s contacting HYDRA remnants once more leads to some new speculation and would add some depth to his villainous side. Villains always tend to be the most dangerous when they’ve truly believed that they’re the heroes looking for justice for whatever has happened to them. I’d like to see Ward evolve into the villain we all know he could be and also a more prominent character in later seasons.


The cliffhangers in some of the final scenes were rather intriguing and would leave viewers wondering on what happens next. Jiaying’s mission might not be a total waste and now Skye’s actions might have larger ramifications. As for Simmons’ status, it’s all just up in the air and sending some people into chaos. I believe she will be just fine.

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