Dead To Me – Season 2

Dead to Me is back with season 2! The cast of Christina Applegate (Jen), Linda Cardellini (Judy), and James Marsden (Steve/Ben) return once again and the chemistry is just as strong as the first season. Despite the season being 10 episodes long once again, the storyline does seem to drag on slightly in compared to the first season.

While in the first season it was about Jen and Judy’s friendship, Jen’s grief, and the hidden truth about Ted’s passing. The second season starts to become a crime story with Steve’s disappearance, Judy’s struggling grief, Jen’s struggle with the truth… There are endless struggles with every single character and it constantly feels like each character is constantly taking 100 steps back rather than developing as the audience came to expect from season 1.

There is the introduction of new characters such as Ben (Steve’s twin brother – I’m just happy they brought James Marsden back whether it makes sense or not) and Michelle (played by Natalie Morales). Natalie is fantastic and I love how many shows she’s been popping up in lately!!!

With the new addition of characters, come new relationships and while these relationships are natural and cute – it takes away from the storyline and becomes rather repetitive especially with Charlie’s subplot.

I absolutely loved the first season, and while I did really enjoy the second season and the hilarious one liners Jen still throws out. It was no way as enjoyable or memorable as the first season.

Dead to Me season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

Review written by Sandra Porter

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