Glitch Season 2

After the wildly successful first season the ABC teamed up with Netflix to create and distribute a second season after a group of people from different time periods rose from their graves unexpectedly and while we can’t use the Z word, the undead didn’t run around looking for brains to eat, instead searching for answers as to how they died and seeking answers as to why they rose. It is an intriguing concept and a particularly different one that took the world by storm and after a 2 year wait, season 2 is finally here (currently on ABC Iview and coming to Netflix later this year)

Season 2 starts with the revelation that the town’s doctor Elisha Mc Keller (Genevieve O’Reilly) who, after the big reveal at the end of season 1 that she is also part of the undead and has been looking for her own answers. Local cop James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) has been assisting Elisha in trying to uncover answers, is also dealing with the fact that his ex wife Kate (Emma Booth) is back after she lost her life to cancer and he has moved onto with a new wife and baby. It is the kind of complicated web that works with a talented actor like Brammall who can carry these scenes.

Other characters like Paddy (Ned Dennehy) is struggling to deal with the modern world and is still fighting to regain control of his family’s estate and deals with a family history that has been forgotten through time. It is a beautiful and entertaining story line that realistically deals with the “what if this actually happened” situtation. It is incredibly well written and Dennehy delivers the role perfectly.

War hero Charlie gets a lot more screen time this season as we delve into flashbacks and after finding out just how he died on the battlefield, we get to see the events leading up to his death and the legacy that his battalion left. It is a touching and wonderful arc that is one of the highlights of the season.

Setting the story in the town on Yoorana, just helps this story feel grounded and while the supernatural element still hangs around, it feels like a real Aussie rural town and how the locals react to this situation as the events unfold feels like a true representation which also helps the show feel grounded and real.

A lot is packed into the 6 episodes of the second season (it could easily be stretched out into more and we hope for the third season has at least 10 episodes) that being said we are left with more questions than answers, the end of the last season had us scratching our heads and this season does the same thing. A huge majority of unanswered questions from season 1 are still left unanswered and while new mysteries present themselves they also go unanswered which hopefully will lead to a lot of answers in season three.

Season two of Glitch continues the hit show with a well rounded and extremely talented cast, combined with a spectacular location that feels like a real place. While this season did present us with more questions than answers, the flashbacks and character development is strong and ensured a strong story this season. Outstanding performances, particularly from Brammall who holds the show together as the star performer. More particularly the writing is on point this season delivering a solid season of scifi undead action that progresses the story. Glitch is the best Australian tv show right now and you can catch it all on ABC Iview.

Review by Alaisdair Leith

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