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How To Watch Cruella in Australia

Continuing with Disney’s string of live-action adaptations of their beloved animated films, Cruella sees Academy Award winner Emma Stone (La La Land) taking on the infamous fur-addict known as Cruella de Vil in the events of her life before 101 Dalmations – when she was just Estella, an orphan living on the streets of London.

In this story, we follow Estella as she parades the streets with her two partners-in-crime, Horace (Paul Walter Hauser) and Jasper (Joel Fry). Attempting to make her mark as an up-and-coming fashion designer, Estella is by chance thrust into the high class world of fashion and must keep up with the fast paced lifestyle. But, as Estella questions her place in this world, she slowly begins to form a new identity – a more cruel identity known as, Cruella!

Cruella is arriving in Australia on May 27th in cinemas – giving audiences a chance to check it out on the big screen! If you’re looking to stay at home and watch this fun film with the family, then on May 28th, Cruella will be available on Disney+ via Premiere Access – a great chance to get some people together for a movie night at home! It’s great that we now have the choice of how we want to watch the movie, so let us know how you’ll be watching Cruella when it arrives in May!

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