Lost In Space (Netflix)

Lost In Space is the latest Netflix series and with a massive budget, sci fi lovers everywhere will be loving this reboot that takes the fun and family of the original TV show and updates it for a new generation with eye boggingly beautiful visual, a great story and character driven story that delivers an entertaining and well worth watching first season.

The show still features the Robinson family set in 2048 with John Robinson (Toby Stephens) the absentee father who gets a lot of clapback from all three kids during the first few episodes. Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) is the head of the family and scientist. Their two daughters Penny (Minda Sundwall) and Judy (Taylor Russell), well half sister Judy as she is now bi racial bringing the family into the current political climate. Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) is the clear favourite of the family and standout performer being the most likeable and relatable of the bunch. When their ship gets knocked off course from landing they arrive on an unknown planet and must learn to survive.

Additional players include Dr Smith (Parker Posey) in her campiest and most delicious role to date. While it does come across the crazy and ridiculous things she does to survive, it also showcases just how much she wants to live and that she won’t stop trying. It comes across as both admirable and villainous which the show runners tend to find the right blend of to make it believable.

This time around the Robinson’s aren’t the only ones who are in space, with a whole bunch of colonisers whose pod’s are knocked off course so this allows for interactions from outside parties and the show to feel a bit more real.

Visually this show is incredible, everything from the gorgeous CGI to the costumes and planets, it really feels like a true big budget production. Although no Matt Le Blanc in silver leather pants is definitely a missed opportunity! The show’s cinematography is also spectacular, the majority of the show is filmed in Canada and while a lot of what we see looks recognisable, it still manages to transport us to another time and place successfully.

The pilot episode is the perfect setup to give a run down on where this family is at as well as laying down the ground work for the lore of the show and hopefully the remaining 9 episodes will be just as great as the first.

Keep checking back for episode updates over the next week.

Lost In Space is available exclusively on Netflix right now.


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