Queer Eye

Things just keep getting better.

In the era of what old is new again, the latest old thing to get a revamp is Queer Eye. The makeover show pitting 5 gay guys against one straight man to get the makeover he so desperately needs. To be fair this is what the show was, the show has evolved over it’s 15 year hiatus and is now simply titled Queer Eye. I can honestly say I was terrified for the make of this series, the original was so helpful to me in my own coming out story so taking something that is so precious to me and remaking it was terrifying. Fortunately though the opposite happened, the show has completely embraced 2018 and delivers a diverse cast with some meaningful connections and cultural conversations that we need to have.

The show has shifted from New York to Atlanta, and while this completely changes the demographic of the participants as well as making it a feel a bit more real than the untouchable city. The new cast consist of Bobby Berk who looks after interior design and some of the most jaw dropping house makeovers seen on TV. Karamo Brown takes care of culture and hosts some of the most intimate and important conversations in the show. Tan France the Pakistani Muslim who lives in the USA with his husband is fashion and does an incredible job. Antoni Porowski is food and wine and possibly my new husband (shh it’s a surprise wedding!) He is completely adorable and his Instagram food stories are incredible. Rounding out the five is Jonathan van Ness, host of Gay Of Thrones is in charge of grooming. Jonathan is the beating heart of this show and his rapport and reactions with the makeoverees is 100% genuine and is my favourite.

The first season consists of 8 episodes of 45-60 minutes each and it is masterfully edited. The contestants range from car enthusiasts, firefighters, cops and tech geniuses. The range of the contestants are wide and the addition of the gay schlub is a perfect addition to round out the show. Our favourite contestant definitely was episode 1 – Tom the car enthusiast who has so much heart and gave me a nervous breakdown with many a tear shed throughout the ep.

This show shines as it outdoes the original with diversity, humour, warmth and authenticity. They never treat their contestants as less than, the love and encouragement that emanates from each of the Fab 5 is contagious and really shines a positive light on the LGBT community. While there have been some eyebrows raised at Antoni showing really basic food steps like making a guac, I think it was necessary and was able to really show the contestants not overly complicated food that is fresh.

8 episodes is not enough, I still don’t understand why we didn’t get a full 13 episodes. While we haven’t heard of a second season renewal yet, the 100% rotten tomatoes score and social media support for this show should see it through. If you are concerned about the remake and if it is worth watching, I can wholeheartedly tell you that regardless of what background or views you have, this is an incredible makeover show with a whole lot of love and positivity that is infectious.

Queer Eye is now streaming exclusively on Netflix globally.

Review by Alaisdair Leith

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