Review – Arrow S03E21

I have never been so excited while watching an Arrow episode. Not only has the Arrow intro changed before the end of the season (and it works SO well) but the Arrow creators have written a mind blowing introduction to the path one takes in becoming a part of the League. And the fight scenes throughout the whole episode are some of the best, on par with Nyssa and Ollie’s fight on the Helipad (Nanda Parbat, ep. 15). The only difference is: there are more fights!

An amazing montage containing one of said awesome fights takes us through the tormenting destruction of Oliver Queen and creation of Al Sah-him. And even though quick I could still see the resistance of this change with Stephen Amel once again bringing his A game. His portrayal of this newly formed, unemotional man blew me away especially after performing an emotionally strained character over the past few weeks. Ra’s is more than pleased with his progress.

Once again Ra’s was the flow of a lot of exposition, but this week’s information wasn’t stunted or oddly placed. In fact, with this information, he has hinted MAJORLY at next season’s villains. If you’ve been keeping up to date with Arrow News you’d know that Damien Darhk is going to be Ollie’s next super-villain and the first mention of him is in this episode. In the comics, Darhk is referred to as ‘baby-faced’ and very dangerous with strong connections to the criminal organisation H.I.V.E. (which has been a recurring name this season). Currently, Darhk’s TV personality seems very similar to his comic book counterpart except for being intertwined with Ra’s. Because of this connection, it has been revealed Darhk has acquired some of the Lazarus pit water which I believe is the way the writers are going to explain his ‘baby-face’ appearance.

You know whose face I love (brilliant segue)? Nyssa’s. Constantly she outshines everyone in character complexity and she’s always in the most exhilarating fight scenes. And this week we get to see her dip a chip into her milkshake for the first time. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! In saying that, never before have I felt the need to cower at Felicity’s voice, flip out at Lyla’s speed or… well, there’s a third character that should go here. When you watch this episode you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Arrow has just gone leaps and bounds ahead of other shows with its female characters. However, and I know she’s been under my scrutiny before, Laurel Lance has just fallen short again. Her movements within the scenes felt overly blocked and unnatural and after freaking out over the Canary Cry upgrade, I left the episode disappointed. The cry was very electronic and overly warble-y, and although excited for the Canary to be more involved, I’m not too excited for the Cry’s next appearance.

a4Flash backs this week weren’t overly impressive, however the inevitable death of Akio is finally within sight. Also, we learn there is a greater importance for the Alpha and Omega super virus as Ra’s further instructs Al Sah-him on how to erase his previous identity.

And that isn’t even the killer moment. There’s just too many to write about! So, I don’t care if you’re saving your Grandmother’s cat from a burning tree. Stop that. Stop that right now and WATCH AL SAH-HIM!!!

Review by Brittany Howarth

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