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Review – DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow – S01E09 Left Behind

I have struggled with this show, I wanted to love it because it was a DC comics show, but I have not enjoyed the haphazard story telling, sub-par special effects and mixed bag cast that don’t engage me with the show week to weeks like The Flash, Arrow and even Supergirl has managed to do. Fortunately in episode 9, that has all changed. Left Behind is hands down the highlight episode of the season so far, with an engaging story, great special effects, revisiting an old Arrow/Batman villain and providing some character development and context that put this show back on my radar. Legends-of-Tomorrow-109

When we last left our time travelling heroes, Ray, Kendra and Sara were stranded in 1958 when Kronos attacked the WaveRider and the rest of the team were forced to make an emergency exit. Stranded for two years, Ray and Kendra build a life together, he takes a job as a professor; she is a librarian. Meanwhile Sara makes a trip to NanDerParBat to become a part of the League Of Assassins (for the second time!) and we are reunited with Ras Al Gul. The rest of the team are flying around lost in time before a time beacon pulls them into 1960 to rescue the stragglers who have had to fend for themselves for the last two years.

Elsewhere Snart (Captain Cold) has been captured by Kronos, who actually turns out to be Mick aka Heatwave. After he was left for dead in “Marooned” he joined the Time Masters to help hunt down Rip and the team and bring them to the council for punishment.  Mick threatens to go back in time and kill Snart’s sister in front of him, and then continue to do this over and over as punishment. This is completely believable and Dominic Purcell really shines in this episode as a credible threat.

The fighting in this episode is the best of the series so far, the team must unite to remind Sara of her White Canary life and then team up against Kronos aka Mick.  I was hestitant about a season 2 renewal, but after the action and plot of this episode, if this is what we are in for, then DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow just must elevate itself to legendary status after all.

Line Of The Episode : Mr Gates : “I’m sorry I have to get home to my son William”

Ray Palmer : “Your son is Bill Gates?”


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