Review: Hannibal S3 – Digestivo

There seems to be a sense of closure creeping up in Hannibal. Not that resolution is coming any time soon. Far from it. Maybe it’s because it’s moving into The Silence of the Lambs territory. With only three more episodes to go, it’ll be interesting to see how they will wrap up the series.

In Digestivo, Mason Verger wants vengeance. So far not many people have been able to come close to Hannibal. Of those who have gotten close either ended up dead or working with Hannibal. This is why Mason is so interesting, besides his inherent creepy nature. He has the money and obsessive drive to get what he wants. Not only does he want to eat Hannibal (poetic justice of course), he wants to wear Will’s face while doing so (pure Verger madness of course). Even though Mason is confined to a wheelchair, it’s so great to see how formidable he really is. Treating Hannibal like one a pig, without fear of retribution, is equal parts inspiring and lunatic.

Yet, this being TV we know this is the one time Mason won’t get what he wants. Mason had promised Margot a Verger baby, which at first sounded like an incestuous storyline that was unnecessarily shocking and cruel to Margot. Luckily, it was just Mason speak for, and this is true, keeping Magot’s baby alive inside a pig. Had we not gone through two and a half seasons of food porn and over the top violence (handled just right mind you), this plot point would not only have jumped the shark, it would’ve soared into the stratosphere.

While on the topic of Margot Verger, her relationship with Alana has been a point of interest that could have ended badly. Yet it feels natural. Maybe it’s not the most healthy relationship out there but these are women who have previously been seen as passive and are now stronger.


Again, it’s great to see Fuller not focusing so much on Alana and Margot’s sexuality but rather on their relationship. Margot could’ve easily double crossed Alana but that may have been too easy. Having them stick together shows how important they are to one another.

Taking Mason down without Hannibal’s help allowed them both free themselves from the stranglehold he had over them.

Much in the same way it was great to see Hannibal beaten, it was also great seeing him take control again. Clearly it’s the show manipulating us through Hannibal but it just wouldn’t have been satisfying seeing him fall at the hands of Mason.

As for Chiyoh, her relationship with Hannibal has actually been quite wonderful, in a twisted sort of way. They care about each other. Both know the other’s darkness and this is what’s kept them going.

This could be the last time we see Chiyoh though. Her storyline can’t go much further. As great a character as she is, there has not been enough development to have her become useful to Hannibal’s story. In what felt like a goodbye scene, Hannibal likens Chiyoh to an element somewhere between iron and silver, strong and stable, trustworthy and loyal.

It was an episode of goodbyes really. Goodbye to Mason. Goodbye to Chiyoh. And lastly, goodbye to Hannibal (sort of). After everything’s that happened Will finally decides to cut Hannibal out of his life. The calm and anti-climactic way Will tells Hannibal he is done not only continues to support Hannigram shippers, it also shows us Will is back in his right mind (or what’s left of it). Hannibal no longer has control over Will.

And like a jealous lover, Hannibal wants none of it. He gives himself over to the police and reminds everyone, especially Will, who is and always will be in control.


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