Review: Orphan Black S3 E2

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Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis



Orphan Black is one of those shows that doesn’t know how to slow down. The action keeps on going, the drama keeps on coming, and our interest continues to be piqued. There’s still quite a bit of uncertainty whether this season will manage to deliver on its ambitious set up, but knowing it has been renewed for a fourth season does seem like it’s a safe bet. 

Following on from last week, the Castor Clones continue their creepy and violent plot to get their hands on Professor Duncan’s research. Meanwhile Sarah is still looking for a way to get Helena back, and Cal makes a return hoping to entice Sarah to live a normal life, which goes as well as you’d think. Cosima is gettin better, though we’re reminded she could turn for the worse at any minute.

The boys of Project Castor are still not stepping up in terms of Maslany-like talent. Mullen is trying to diversify each clone to some success. These boys are meant to have grown up in a controlled army environment (unlike their female counterparts) but the weapon/soldier routine can’t last forever. Hopefully. Their creep factor increased this time as Seth and Rudy have a three way with a prostitute at the opening of the episode and then later when Sarah and Kira are being held hostage. It’s in this relationship, despite the inherent ick factor, that shows the potential of Millen. There is a sense of loyalty and brotherhood between them, especially when it’s revealed Rudy is suffering from a similar illness seen in Cosima. 


Season 3 is being horrible to Helena so far and it’s just the beginning. These types of ordeal are what make Helena such a beautiful character. She has faith, so much faith, and finds strength in it. The other clones may have given up much earlier, even Sarah with the right kryptonite (i.e. Kira) would have stopped fighting. But Helena keeps going because loyalty and faith make her strong. And this makes it all the more sad when we see her being hurt so badly. Sarah needs to rescue her sestra quick, before that scorpion becomes the only friend Helena has left.


As for Alison Hendrix and husband, they’re up to their suburban shenanigans again. You know, Alison is running for school trustee and buying an illicit drug business from a teenager. Just the usual absurd yet endearing plot. We know Alison can kick some ass when she needs to but part of her appeal is seeing just how ludicrous she can make middle class life seem. But she’s not just a much needed comic relief. She’s fighting alongside her sisters and draws strength from them. 

With Paul’s return in full army mode, and his control over the Castor Clones, it’ll certainly be an unstable time for Sarah and her sestras. Orphan Black is great at suspense and drama. Let’s hope the quality writing we’ve come to expect doesn’t suffer. 

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