Review : The OA

If you’re not sure what to make of Netflix’s The OA, then you’re not alone. Following the journey of Prairie Johnson, a blind girl who suddenly turns up on bridge after an unexplained seven year sabbatical, and with her sight intact, leaves one scratching their head in the first episode.
Straight away, you interpret the show as mysterious, if not, somewhat strange.

The television series seems to have come from nowhere; its equally mysterious script lacks a strong protagonist who is as confused as the audience. Created by Zal Batmanglij who is also the director and executive producer, The OA is still somewhat intriguing, but only in the sense of bemused amazement that this show ever hit the Netflix screen.
Prairie, as the storyline slowly reveals, has suffered a near death experience, with which she then was bestowed with powers during her time between life and death. In the first episode, you catch a glimpse of the all mystical Prairie after she is mauled by a Rottweiler during a vicious attack, only to subdue the dog and tickle it behind the ears later. The suspended fantasy turns into the ludicrous with hollow narrative and drawn out storytelling.
Aside from the sometimes stunning cinematography created by Lol Crawley, The OA is unlikely to become a hit aside from a few cult followers.

Overall, this isn’t a show that you’ll hurry to binge watch. In fact, I’m feeling generous with a two star rating.

Review by Aral Bereux.


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