Riverdale Recap S01E12 – Anatomy Of A Murder

Now this is a chapter. Filled with more information you can handle and a whole lot of twists. Then for good measure more information and more twists. This is an episode that reminds you why you started watching this whole thing. The gang together investigating just like the comics. It throws all the information you’ve been gathering over every chapter and then ties it up nicely with a bow, in the form of a confession. But little bits of information pops up that starts to untie the bow and the whole story unravels and reveals the true killer of Jason Blossom.

So FP has been taken away because of a lockbox and gun that was in his cupboard. But because Veronica and Archie searched the place already, they know that it was placed there after they were in FP’s trailer. Which means he was set up. But FP has confessed with great detail to the murder of Jason Blossom. So Archie does what he thinks is right and goes to ask his Dad for help.

The gang tell their parents but not with the response they were expecting. Fred, Hermoine and Alice tell them to stop the investigation as it’s too dangerous and they shouldn’t be involed. So in true style Betty and Archie decide to go on a hunt for Jughead and sort this little mess with FP’s being framed.

Jughead however was about ready to jump on a bus to see his mum in Toledo, Ohio. But sadly his Mum says not to, so he books a ticket anywhere he can for the next morning. Meanwhile Archie, Veronica and Betty find him waiting and Pop’s diner. They explain the deal to Jughead and go to tell the Sheriff. But when the gang tell the Sheriff FP is being framed, there wasn’t a whole lot he could do as FP has given a confession. The gang don’t believe he really murdered Jason and start to figure it out.

Meanwhile everyone is starting to freak out that their dirty dealings or involvement might come out in the whole ordeal and start to prepare for the worst. Hermoine tells Veronice to be prepared to pack up and leave on short notice on the off chance the Sheriff finds out about the bribes, forged signatures and pay offs to the Serpents. The other family that is trying to cover up their tracks and possibly the biggest and weirdest messed up twist is to do with the Coopers.

Hal Cooper was ruffling through some paperwork when Alice and Betty find him and ask him what he was doing. He was looking for the files he stole from Sheriff Kellers home. Not only are they shocked he would interfere with a murder investigation, but also that FP has confessed to taking them already. The first major clue FP isn’t telling the truth. Hal was worried the investigation would get back to Polly some how and that’s why he was destroying evidence. Because he didn’t want the Sherif to figure out the connection between the Coopers and the Blossoms and think that was motive for murder. With all the confusion in the world the weirdest twist and messes up plot comes to play. Betty’s Great Grandfather wasn’t murdered by a Blossom, he was a Blossom. And that’s when Hal’s family severed ties with the Blossoms and took the name Cooper. The penny drops, Polly and Jason were related which is why Hal wanted Polly to abort. They head over to the Blossoms tell them of their story and take Polly back. Polly is disgusted at the idea that she was related to Jason and goes back with her parents.

Archie get’s his Mum, Mary, to have a look into the case as she’s a lawyer and see what she can find. Turns out FP is sticking to his story and told Jughead now’s the best time to go and chat with him before things get a little heated. But she did also mention FP’s one phone call was to someone by the name of Joaquin DeSantos, the boyfriend of Kevin Keller.

They gang interrogate Joaquin who explains how he is involved with the Jason Blossom murder clean up. He tells them to speak to the only other person that might know something, Mustang, another serpent. Joaquin overheard a conversation between Mustang and FP about some ritch guy who Veronica comes to think is her Dad. They go visit Mustang, but find him dead from a supposed overdose. Sheriff Keller realised Hiram Lodge is involved when they find a large bag filled with money in Mustang’s home. Joaquin tells Kevin where he hid Jason’s jacket of which they find a memory stick in the lining. It’s the security video of the murder of Jason Blossom by the hand of his own father,  Clifford Blossom. Betty calls Cheryl to get out of the house. She confronts her Father which gives his time to make his grand exit. However, Clifford had visited FP the night he was arrested and told to take the fall for Jason’s murder or he would kill Jughead like he killed his own son. Clifford is found in the barn hanging by his neck. Across the floor are barrels with spilt maple syrup and some small packages. What are the packages?

Joaquin leaves town. FP is still in a lot of trouble helping cover up the murder. Hermoine tells Veronica’s told her Dad’s coming home. Archies Mum leaves and despite previous arguments with Fred, Archie stays. But the future of Jughead and where he’s going to live is up in the air as Fred has had enough.

What possibly could the final episode have in store? Will everyone’s involvement in the murder case cause any problems? Will Polly’s babies have extra legs? And there’s surly more time for Cheryl to do something crazy.

Recap by Jay Cook
The full first season of Riverdale is streaming on Netflix now


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