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Jason Blossom, who? Murderer, what? Riverdale, where? Baby shower, why? The show you have come to love has reached the point of the season where it delves into the lives of the characters, almost forgetting exactly what the show is really about. And that’s who killed Jason Blossom, not where are Polly and her baby going to live. Until the end of the chapter when they remind you that very soon you’ll find out who is the killer of Jason Blossom.

For the mean time Polly is living with the Lodge’s Veronica and her Mum Hermione in what can only be imagined as complete comfort. It’s also the first time Sheriff Keller has visited Polly to hear her side of the story in Jason Blossom’s murder and put some of it in perspective for the audience. But when Polly gets all upset Hermoine sends Sheriff Keller on his way.

Continuing with sleepovers, Jughead is living a notably better life with Archie than that of his fathers, the projection room at the drive-in and the janitors closet at the high school. While the boys laugh and play computer games until late, things take a quick turn when Archie finds out Jughead’s Dad is part of the Serpents biker gang. We loop back on that in a moment.

Archie’s Dad, Fred, is about to “break ground” on the redevelopment of the old drive-in site. But naturally things can’t go to plan because that would make life too easy for little ol’ Fred Andrews. Just as he’s about to lay one on Hermoine his site manager tells Fred he walking with his team. Clifford Blossom has hired them all for more money and a longer contract. So Archie steps in to help his old man out and wrangles a miss match of a crew together and they break the ground. But wait there’s more. Just when you think Fred might actually be able to get through this, a group of thugs rock up and start smashing some of the equipment.

Archie once again can’t just let things be and is adamant the Serpents have something to do with the damage to the site. He and his miss match crew head across the tracks to confront them. With the help of Kevin Keller’s boyfriend, Joaquin, who happens to be one of the Serpents, they enter the bar and start a fight. Only to be stopped by Jugheads Dad, FP. And quicker than FP can explain he had nothing to do with smashing Fred’s equipment, Fred himself turns up to take Archie home. Fred explains what’s happened and is reassured by FP that he had nothing to do with the incident.

Fred also has a chat with Clifford Blossom about the whole ordeal, which doesn’t go well for Fred. Clifford informs him that his family are the rightful owners and are planning to devalue the land so they can swoop in and get it a great price. But out of appreciation to Fred and perhaps to cover up something to do with Jason Blossoms murder by staying close to Fred, FP turns up with a crew ready to get the project underway. Seems everyone has forgotten FP is an alcoholic. Isn’t the rule, don’t use heavy machinery under the influence?

More about FP’s involvement with the Jason Blossom murder investigation in a moment. Archie and Jughead however patch things up and go about their business. Oh and the thugs that smashed up the Fred’s equipment were sent from Hermione’s husband who’s in jail. Seems he got wind of her little fling with Fred Andrews.

In other news Veronica has decided to throw a baby shower for Polly and to bring the Blossom and Cooper mothers together. Alice Cooper doesn’t like the idea Polly is living with the Lodge’s but Betty stands up to her and says it how it is. Alice gives Polly her old night-light while Penelope and Cheryl Blossom give her the latest stroller. The gifts were all in a bid to win over Polly and ultimately for the Blossom’s Jason’s replacement. Alice has a heart to heart with Polly, but she’s still upset that she was sent away. So upset that she decides to go live with the Blossoms, for the baby of course.

This drives Alice to confront her husband, Hal, about what he has done to their family. It turns out he tried to get Polly to see a Doctor to fix her “mistake”. But he doesn’t give one damn what he’s done as he did it to Alice as well. So she kicks him out and here we finally see Alice as a real person, not someone trying to maintain an image.

During the baby shower Archie barges in to confront Jughead about his father of which Betty hears. Jughead explains the deal and naturally Betty uses it to her advantage and off they go to interrogate FP about the disappearance of Jason Blossom. While FP explains they helped Jason with some drugs to sell for cash, he flat out denied having had anything to do with the murder. Jughead and Betty believe him.

But what the audience knows is that Jughead’s Dad, FP, has Jason Blossom’s jacket in his possession. And in the final scenes FP throws a bag with Jason’s jacket to Kevin Keller’s boyfriend Joaquin as he is asked about the relationship with Kevin. Joaquin explains that Kevin’s falling for him, but FP says to keep up the façade. Oh how the plot thickens.

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