Superman & Lois S02E01 Recap – A Thunderous return

by John Cooper

Superman & Lois is back, and it does not disappoint as it delivers a thunderous start to its new season.

In the first season, we got to see Superman & Lois with their life as a family with two boys who since with the loss of his mother, Martha Kent, ends up moving from Metropolis to Smallville as they begin to start a new life in the town that Clark once grew up in. However, not everything goes as smoothly as they had hoped, with the discovery that Jordan is beginning to have powers, Clark trying to find the balance between family life and being Superman and a billionaire who plans to create an army of dead Kryptonians into destroying all of earth. It was a massive season packed full of action and emotional moments, which grabbed many DC fans’ hearts.

The last time we saw Superman and Steel, a.k.a John Henry Irons, go up against Morgan Edge again, stopping his attempt to destroy earth which saved Smallville for good. As Smallville rebuilds and everyone begins to move on from the disaster that had just occurred, we learn that General Lane will stepping down to retire. Lois and Chrissy are now owners of the Smallville Gazette and will be running it together. John Henry plans to move on with his life on this new earth, but his daughter arrives in a pod just before he does, causing confusion amongst everyone.

This first episode of this new season starts strong and continues to convey the style of the show just like the season never ended. Since seeing Natalie arrive, we begin to see the characters continue to develop their relationships in this new episode as it begins to drive a rift between them all.

The show doesn’t disappoint with its excellent character arcs within episodes and dealing with multiple storylines throughout each episode. But some standout performances from this episode has to begin with Superman as Tyler Hoechlin provides another outstanding performance as his portrayal of Superman never disappoints as he stands for his morals against what he does when it comes to responsibilities of saving lives around the world as he also tries to balance being a dad and Superman at the same time. This episode is again excellent in showing that whilst he must help protect and save the world from danger, he needs to also spend time with his family and figure out how he can still be there for them all at the same time. Another excellent performance from this episode has to come from Bitsie Tulloch. She shows us an emotionally distraught Lois trying to navigate her way with coping. She sees Natalie arrive in her world as she struggles to comprehend her feelings for a technically not her daughter. It’s an essential yet convincing performance and shows how strong these characters are when dealing with these emotional stories.

It’s felt like the series has never stopped. It continues to deliver powerful stories that feel almost relatable in a way that still brings something new and unseen before when it comes to a family drama with superheroes. It’s so far an excellent start to this new season, with it feeling like something big is about to arrive very soon.

Superman & Lois is available to watch on BINGE, with new episodes coming out every Wednesday at 5pm AEST.

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