The Baker and the Beauty – Pilot episode

The Baker and the Beauty begins like most midday movies your mother and grandmother love to watch. There is a beautiful scroll scene of pastry, before the audience is introduced to the main character Daniel (played by Victor Rasuk) and his family members in their bakery business. This midday movie feel continues up until he meets and continues his night with Noa Hamilton (played by Nathalie Kelley).

The start of the show comes across a little over-the-top with the introduction, but it is hard to show someones personality within the first few minutes to create a memorable impression that the audience will want to continue to see.

I’ll be honest before I went to watch this, I was honestly expecting to hate it. It sounded like a romantic version of 2 Broke Girls, and while 2 Broke Girls started off as really funny/cute it quickly became repetitive and unfunny – I wasn’t really interested in a show that offered the exact same vibe with a longer run time each episode.

I’m glad I gave it a chance, the first episode does a brilliant job in showcasing the characters and personalties to the audience instantly. Building up the chemistry between the two leads (which is fantastic btw, they did a great job picking the cast). It also gives you a glimpse of celebrity life and the very little privacy they have.

I expect with the coming episodes, and the budding romance there will be more humour and drama thrown into the show and I’m very excited to check out further episodes.

While it’s super easy to judge a show before you watch it, and it’s hard to predict how a show will turn out based on one episode – but I have faith in this show to have a strong first season if it gains momentum and audience from the first episode.

This is coming to Stan on the 14th April, so be make sure to check it out when it does!!!

Review written by Sandra Porter

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