Togo Review (Disney +)

There has been a rise of doggo movies in the past year, and the most recent addition is Togo.

Togo is a beautifully told story about a team of sled dogs and their owner Leonhard as they compete in races together, and prove that even the smallest dogs can be heroes as in 1925 they completed a serum run to save children and adults stricken with Diptheria. 

This story is touching in so many ways, first you are introduced to the ever courageous Togo who sets out on a mission to constantly prove himself and become part of the team. You are introduced to the sled team, these dogs are always an incredible example of teamwork, and lastly you meet Leonhard and his wife Constance. A loving couple who believe in treating each dog like family rather than ‘working’ dogs. 

This movie is based on actual events, that during this time, Leonhard was known for the humane way in which he kept his dogs because of this The Seppala Humanitarian Award was created, and in 2011 Togo was voted The Most Heroic Animal of all Time – if these two reasons are enough to motivate you to see a movie based around such extraordinary events. The brilliant performance by Willem Dafoe is one of the best performances I’ve seen in recent years by Dafoe in such a family friendly movie. While the storyline can become confusing at times with the editing and the heavy snow effects, the mixture of adventure, tension, comedy, and emotion forgives the misgivings and creates a wonderful movie for all ages.

Get your popcorn and tissues ready, and sit down for a night in with this one!

Togo is now streaming on Disney +

Review by Sandra Porter.

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