Too Hot To Handle Review

Too Hot To Handle is the new reality show on Netflix about a group of hot, horny, and single people that are ready for a free vacation to get wild and sweaty with each other. That is, until Lana has other plans for the group. After 12 hours, the group is subjected to rules they haven’t had in quite a long time – one of those rules is kissing (which gets broken a lot). If the group manages to follow the rules, a lucky winner will get $100,000! For each rule broken though, that price money is deducted… will there be any money left for these ‘too hot’ for rules people.

Seeing the promo for this show, I cringed – what a horrible and egotistical show I thought to myself. Who would personally think they are that hot, that people would give up the chance of $100,000 just to kiss them? I am absolutely not watching this show! Oh boy, was I wrong.

My best friend messaged me, ‘how do I sign up for this show?!? This is the easiest $100,000 I would ever make. Don’t kiss anyone – CHECK! Don’t have sex? – EASY AS, CHECK!
There must be a catch we agreed, and I took the plunge for the both of us and started watching the show. ‘Argh, I hate all of these people’ as all the introductions started rolling in… and then I need to see how long it will take for someone to break the rules… and then I wonder who she/he will pick to be with… I fell down the rabbit hole quick, and I enjoyed every mind numbing moment of it.

The drama is over-the-top, but also completely natural at the same time. The chemistry between people as it grows is sweet – and sometimes you want to cheer for them as they break a rule, but other times STOP BREAKING THE RULES. Better yet, there are some super great moments where it focuses on the guys needing to realise their fears and take them on, there are moments for the girls where they learn more about their bodies and how strong they are.

This show is way more about sex, and while I usually don’t like reality TV I did really enjoy this.

There are only 8 episodes, on average about 40 minutes each. It’s a fun show to smash out while stuck in ISO – and of course once you have delved into the rabbit hole and watched the whole season, jump over to their instagram accounts and check out what else they have been up to.

Too Hot To Handle season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

Review written by Sandra Porter

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