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Tommy, Sarah and Detective Hilton are three deaths entwined with the escapades of the Arrow and in the eyes on Detective Lance, the deaths of these people are proof that the Arrow is not a Hero. He is a villain. Arrow’s latest episode, Public Enemy, picks up where The Offer left us with Maseo drawing an arrow with Felicity’s name on it. True to his growing, heroic nature, Ray Palmer dives in and saves her only for his chest to be the arrow’s new home. He is not the only victim of the League with the city once again left Mayor-less and on a vigilante man hunt.

Ra’s has upped his game dramatically this episode by revealing the Arrow’s identity to Detective Lance. He quickly picks up his season one vendetta and brings a tirade of cops onto the team forcing Roy, Ollie and Laurel into a massive leap of faith. The escape was the best grapple shot this season has provided, with the Arrow catching the grapple-less Canary part way down the building. There have been many grapple shots before this, leaving me questioning ‘where the heck is the building?’, but this one, with danger in tow, was wonderfully executed (graphics aside).arrow1

I praise the writers for once again pulling Nyssa into the fray and, I hope, gradually making her more a part of the team. However, putting her directly opposite Laurel Lance/ Canary reminds me how much this new Canary suit just isn’t cutting it. Mind you, fish nets wouldn’t translate to screen, but Sarah’s costume hinted to the comics with a criss-cross pattern up the front of her pants. Laurel’s costume is too combat heavy and clumpy with separate pouches. Unless they bring back the Canary-Cry device, I don’t know how those pouches are useful. What is the woman carrying?

This wasn’t, unfortunately, the only moment that grated against me. The lesser of these being Roy and Thea already back together. I understand that it is a fan interest to have them together, but so quickly? The writer’s had the chance to build some tension there instead of just handing it over to the audience. The speed of this rekindling love makes the actual relationship feel like it can be over at any moment.

We also find out, in flashbacks, why Shado is alive: it’s because she isn’t! On one hand, it’s good to know a character is actually dead and not going to do a Merlyn. However, the answer to this Shado conundrum is: Mai, Shado’s sister. I had to wait two weeks for a twin? This brought disappointment only lifted by the flip-tastic Tatsu unsheathing her sword once again. Give me more!

One thing I thought I wouldn’t be asking for more of is Ray Palmer. Brandon Routh pulls off a heartbreaking Cisco stare (see The Flash) this week reminding me that there can be more than a brooding main character on a TV screen. Without wanting to spoil too much, we once again welcome Donna Smoak into Felicity’s life with brief mentions of the estranged Mr Smoak (I’m looking forward to that reveal) and, from the lips of Ray: Nano tech capable of entering the bloodstream and shrinking blood clots. So, once again, give me more!arrow2

Although falling short of last week’s emotional rollercoaster and fiery impact, Public Enemies definitely gives the feeling that something even bigger than a citywide man hunt is coming our way. Perhaps a tide of green through the city. Can you say ‘We are Arrow?’

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