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26FRANKIE4-articleLargeGrace & Frankie is the new Netflix dramaedy that reunited real life besties and 9 To 5 stars Lily Tomlin (Frankie) & Jane Fonda (Grace). The show revolves around the two women and their husbands Sol (Sam Waterson) & Robert (Martin Sheen). The four are getting ready to move on to the next phase of their lives together when Sol & Robert drop a bombshell on Grace & Frankie, telling them that they are leaving their wives to be with each other, and have been having an affair for 20 years.

The premise is perfect for a series like this, it deals with an issue that the world is facing now with so much acceptance and suppression in a time of tradition, the timing of this show is idyllic. With the outing of Bruce Jenner as transgender and show’s like Transparent (Amazon) becoming hits, this show fits in perfectly with the repercussions of “coming out” on families and what it can do for people who have lived in the closet for so long.

Fonda and Tomlin are the perfect odd couple, Grace is sophisticated, well dressed, classy, while Frankie is loud grace-and-frankie-let-downmouthed, mumu wearing, hippie, pot smoking, mantra spouting hippie who are forced to live together in their shared beach house they bought as couples. The two shine a light on issues ranging from how society treat older women (a HILARIOUS scene at a supermarket with a cashier and girl with big boobs) from things like text messaging, turning on a computer and hearing loss. Sheen and Waterson are my new favourite gay couple on television, with their old man smooches and Ryan Gosling’s face printed on a chair, their non campy, stereotypical gay performance is commendable and the struggle between being happy and completely heartbroken is brilliant.

The genius of this show lies in its ability to make you laugh uncontrollably and then be sucked back into the seriousness of the situation and how this has effected the whole family. There are several tear jerking moments in this that some families will be able to relate to. The chemistry between Tomlin & Fonda is not forced and the two create memorable characters that you care for and want to see succeed.

Unlike other Netflix shows like Orange Is The New Black & House Of Cards, this show doesn’t need to be binged in one session, you can watch 2 or 3 episodes at a time and come back to it without losing much which is a great balance for Netflix original series model.

Grace & Frankie is available on Netflix worldwide now and is the perfect new dramedy series to invest your time in.

Where Can You Watch It :               Netflix Exclusive

Why Should You Watch It :             Will & Grace meets The Golden Girls has a stellar cast, catchy one-liners and                                                                  enough drama and tugging on the heart strings to keep you hooked.


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