TV Review – Pretty Little Liars Season 5

‘Storage Wars’

So this what happened:

All the liars get a notification from Mona’s laptop which shows the coordinates aka location of the laptop. Spencer and Caleb team up to break into the storage area where it is and finds more than they bargained for (more evidence for Mona’s murder). Also there’s a horrible smell coming from the storage room which Spencer thinks may be Mona’s body! Eeeek.


Hanna’s mom hooked up with Jason and Ted returns, to ask Ashley to marry him. Ashley doesn’t take the surprise well (especially since she just cheated) and says she needs time to think before giving an answer.


The new character Talia who plays the chef in Ezra’s cafe, is already getting a little too comfortable in Rosewood. Emily and her bump heads with their ideas, while Talia continues to make suggestions for the place. Also anyone else getting a lesbian vibe?

Aria gets a text message from someone called ‘H’ and automatically thinks of Holbrook. She is asked to meet up with ‘H’ but he never shows. Instead, she has lunch with Jason to discuss Alison. ‘H’ sends another text asking Aria to randomly meet at a flower shop, the florist hands her roses and an address, which happens to be Hanna’s. Coincidence? I think not.

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